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Our mission is to capture the secretive discussions and emotional shyness of our cycles and share with a classy and non-discreet way to deal with one of life’s most necessary and normal processes. The Diva Discreet disposal bag is an environmentally friendly way to discard waste in fashionable way.

What We Do

Glory, Glitter and Shine creates eco-friendly solutions for life’s necessary processes. Our products offer functional use while benefiting the environment.

Things We need on our periods:
Disposable wipes,
& *Diva Discreet*

What They Say

Our fans have never felt more fabulous! Join in the fun and stop living in silence. Let’s make the world a better place while shining everyday and feeling gloriously feminine. 


Glory, Glitter and Shine is an Indigenous owned business formed in Alberta to tackle growing environmental issues in the packaging industry.